Wednesday, October 24, 2007

your mind is electric

Kano's 'I'm Ready' is probably Full Time Records most loved release, maybe, but it's a well known and highly respected Italian label with a ton of good releases from the eighties. I really dig Electric Mind's 'Can We Go', a midtempo, mellow, bump & grind Disco item with warm keys and an ultra catchy piano hook, oh and some great vocals too. Breezy stuff for shuffling about on a summery, early doors floors. The flip of this, 'Zwei' is also a great track, the only downside, collectors, is it costs a fortune, unless like me u get it off the compilation 'The Very Best of Full Time' on cd or the re-release on Emergency Records.

Electric Minds - Can We Go


thebeathunters said...

hi, A.N.E is like a second home to me these days... diggin'my HD, i found a mix i did some time ago and that you might like-cheers

P.SKILLZ said...

Hey Mr Keyz, thanks for the Kano. I've just done a quick p.skillz edit of "Talk To Me" by Candye, which you may or may not like. Have a listen & see for yourself: