Tuesday, November 20, 2007


A recent discussion on DJ History & a post by Jez over at Innersounds reminded me of the great talent that was Tore 'Erot' Kroknes, a compilation of his inspired tracks is in the pipeline, though truth be told it has been for awhile now, it's one I'll definitely be buying (press vinyl please, pretty please). Tore's 'Song for Annie' is undoubtedly one of my favourite tracks ever (well one of them anyway) and his remix of 'A View From Slussen', though quiet different, is equally mesmerising. The holy grail of Tore tracks, and there are a few, is probably his first release on Foot Notes - 'Milk Chocolate Swing'/ 'Haribo', the cheapest of which I've seen is around 30 pounds. 'Haribo' is an incredible epic Balearic Deep House classic with subtle, dubby touches, mesmerizing beats and beautiful keys. Check it out...

Erot - Haribo

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