Saturday, November 17, 2007


I'm really enjoying this bit of cosmic Electro (if u like) from Armand Duchien, I know so little about it except that the original came out in 1983 on A&M Records. I'd need to ask someone like Jaz to fill me in on the tracks history (Jaz' mix Fresh Into The Sexy Night is on A.N.O.E.'s Press Play series and is one that gets repeated play because of this kind of sound, plus he drops all kinds of obscure brilliance over at Dream Chimney). Here the track gets some raizor blade action from good friend and big talent German Producer Victor Shan, I think he's reworked the Dub version of the original... Needless to say I think this is a great track and worth checking out if u don't know it... Like I ever post things I don't rate...

Armand Duchien - Countdown (Victor Shan Edit)

Note: This is one of the tracks that feautures on the excellent Kool DJ Dust Press Play mix, but he features the original cut..

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depletedsoul said...

Cosmic electro you say?, ill give this a go.