Sunday, December 02, 2007

Being Buddha

Human League's 'Being Boiled' is one of those tracks that has an irrisistable early electro groove, it's somehow so Germanic and yet the 'listen to the voice of Buddha' lyric implies a depth of a different kind. Well known Denmark producer & DJ Peter Visti up's the Balearic quota on his beautiful edit of the League classic, he takes it in a whole new, almost unimaginable direction; from cold, stark, steel town beats & bleeps to deep, lovely ,drifting, island style grooves. Peter is ofcourse well known for his Mindless Boogie edit of a Dolly Parton track, there too he manages a succesful transformation.

Peter Visti - Buddha


Anonymous said...

Thanks the post. For some reason this track really hit the spot on a somewhat drab Sunday in Dallas, TX.

Cheers, mate.

christopher keyz said...

Mr Visti is kind of Balearica