Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Edit Hunger

Just popped in to say I hope you're all having a good holiday, I've been doing as little as possible, but u regulars are never far from my thoughts. It's nearly New Years and now is a good a time as any to thank you all for the massive support I got this year. I've got two killer Press Play's for u and a bunch of other bits, which I'll stagger over the next week and a half but in the meantime for those of you who are still near your computer here's something very special for ya to check out.

As you know I am a huge Todd Terje fan, for two main reasons; a. his choices of tracks are always exciting; either obscure and hard to find or rather daringly something better known, even untouchable & b. his two ways to skin a cat take on things ie. with care & respect or dub the hell out of it.. actually I'm sure he has more than just the two.

Here is Todd's edit of Aruban artist Wally Warning's - 'Land of Hunger'... I love it!! Afro Disco!!!!

Wally Warning - Land Of Hunger (Todd Terje Edit)


ahgoodygoody said...

have a great new year man! hope the upcoming year is even better than this one!

christopher keyz said...

hey ahgoodygoody - wish u the best year ahead man - it's gonna be a good one and dude thanks for all the support, always a pleasure to hear from u

Anonymous said...

Many thanks, great stuff as usual. Big props also for the pic including the epitome of all things swedish: the almighty "Mellanmjölk".

Live well in -08!


HP, Stockholm, Sweden