Sunday, December 23, 2007

everybody loves everybody

Roy Ayers hardly needs an introduction, the man's a groove genius, he's been sampled, covered, remixed and revered by any number of top producers, a whole stack of times. I recently got a fresh copy of his '83 album 'Lots of Love', I'm thinking it's a bootleg for sure, but the sound is good and it is lovely to have a copy that doesn't crackle and pop (yet!). 'Lot's of Love' spawned one of my all time favourite Ayers items 'Chicago', but I'm posting another track from the album called 'Everybody'. I'm obsessing again over all things midtempo at the moment, you'll soon be able to catch a two hour mix of mine made entirely of midtempo tracks (on a very respectable UK site, that I'm still struggling to believe I got invited to do a mix for - info will follow when it goes up), and this track certainly fits in nicely with that obsession (but doesn't feature on the mix). 'Everybody' has an unrelenting bass groove, designed to make u wanna do some sort of extreme hip shakin moves, with Roy working his vibes over the top. For every body...

Roy Ayers - Everybody

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