Sunday, December 23, 2007

she came from out of space

Lets talk about Ampilfied Orchestra aka Gerd. As Gerd, Gert Jan Bijl crept into my favourite artists list, with some dynamite soulful Broken Beats & midtempo goodness, with releases on 4lux (check his 'Four Flies' for beautiful R'nb) & Life Enhancing Audio. There is even a fantastic Gerd remix of local heroine Brenda Fassie floating about, which I love and may post at some point. Then of course along came Amplified Orchestra his Disco/edit/Cosmic outlet and I have been voraciously collecting all his 12"s since. This year he's put out four essential ep's; 'Cosmic Fire', Moon Voyage', 'Satellites Are Spinning' & 'Space Lady', all four are jammed with obscure cuts getting the re-edit treatment, in fact there could well be original material amongst them (I intend to find out shortly), actually you can throw in last years 'Shake 'n Dance' too, for must owns. The last four releases are far more Cosmic & spacey than just Disco, but they move people on the dance floor just the same. You're getting 'Space Lady' off the newest ep, but only because I know you'll go and buy it - right? and its worth every penny, because the other three tracks are equally fantastic. Support Gert's music, he is amongst the top producers of our time, with an undoubtable talent for creating a wide range of sounds; always quirky enough to become long term listening music and often catchy enough to hook the first time listener.

Amplified Orchestra - Space Lady


Enrique said...

Nice one! Thank you.

christopher keyz said...

sure thing enrique - i cant begin to recomend this man's ep's more - go and buy all four if u dont have them

Cubik said...

great stuff mate.
readers can get the aforementioned 'shake 'n' dance' here: