Monday, December 10, 2007

A song for the lonely

Here's a little late Monday night Garage Disco from 1983, off Canadian label Street Level Records. No I don't have the 12", I'd love to hear the flipside, since it seems these are the only two tracks put out by Hipnotic. 'Are You Lonely' is deep soulful stuff, which features on the third volume of the absolutely brilliant Disco Strut series of compilations, easily my favourite Disco collection around. All four volumes are packed with the real deal in hard to find genius Disco goodies. Find em, buy em, borrow em and in the mean time let this soul bomb hurt you in a good way.

Hipnotic - Are You Lonely


Beaver said...

Great track - this was remixed by Yam Who and released a few years ago, with the original on the flip -

christopher keyz said...

Hey Beaver, yeah i remember that and love Yam Who's stuff

Mr Glass said...

One of my favs. A copy just sold for $402USD. I recently put it up on my blog. I have a reissue (not the yam who cut) I picked up on wax a few years ago. Its been well played.
Cheers Mr Glass