Wednesday, January 30, 2008

4 dancers

Martin Circus's 'Disco Circus' is classic dancefloor action from around 1979, it's a monster which should never fail to get dancers jumping. Dj Deep hi-jacked the 'dom dom dom de dom' part and made something of a late 90's hit for French label Basenotic. I particularly like playing the original alongside the Hardrock Strickers version, but I'm uploading the 7:45 Francois K remix which works both in a big or intimate room... For those of you who don't know, Martin Circus is not an individual but rather a crazy Disco/Rock hybrid band who did some pretty interesting stuff, with more than a few gems in their discography, check out their website here.

Martin Circus - Disco Circus (Francois K Remix)


Egan Ehlers said...

Very nice one. Thanks.

Steele said...

Bangin! Also sampled in the 1986 house clasic 'Dum Dum' by Fresh, which is worth checking out too

christopher keys said...

glad u guys dig it