Monday, January 28, 2008

Are u my friend?

One of my favourite Electronic/Detroit'ish/Deep House/Techno finds last year was Microworld's 'This Is My Friend' on Styrax Leaves, which came in a clear vinyl version, plus the normal black vinyl. This is one of those delicate, refined, made for driving/ drifting/ doodling and possibly something a little more energetic kind of hypnotic beauties that has it's roots in the Detroit & German Techno scenes. Oddly enough Microworld hails from neither of these places, instead is born in Scotland and now resides in Oz, that said there is a definite sense of travelling here, though I'd venture to say it's more like intergalactic travelling. Tagged onto the end of the title of the track is 'Disco Version', a very misleading sort of a statement, especially in the context of ANOE, this is not that kind of Disco at all, possibly a blue pulsating light on an early doors floor (actually i spun this in an early set last year sometime and it sounded incredible on the big system)...

Microworld - This Is My Friend (Disco Version)

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