Thursday, January 24, 2008

a slow blow

One time contributor to ANOE Chris Kruger (who left under mysterious circumstances, citing that old chestnut 'artistic differences') had a rather well known uncle in the music business, one Kevin Kruger, percusionist & producer who worked in a band called Disco Rock Machine (I might post something off their only album), but his most famous contribution to the Cosmic/Disco scene must be with Hot R.S. Some pretty well known local figures featured at one time or another with this then mysterious outfit including other main member Dan Hill, and guests Trevor Rabin (who would later join Yes), Rene Veldsman (of Via Afrika fame, I had a Sad Ghost edit of one of their tracks up here awhile back), Mutt Lange (who would later marry Shania Twain) and some others. I remember as a kid having both albums, their extremely porno epic Disco take of 'House Of The Rising Sun' was passed between kids in school as if it were some sort of contraband item. Anyway it's their track 'Slow Blow' which has been revived over the last few years, getting re-edits and bootlegs all over the place, well a few anyway. Here's Prins Thomas' assquake edit of the track, he takes out the vocal and extends the main bits... rather lovely infact...

Hot R.S. - Slow Blow (Prins Thomas Assquake Edit)


Cubik said...

Chris-this has got to be the best picture/tune combination that I've seen in a blog post!

Anonymous said...

Is that the version on the Major Swellings LP?
Can't say it tops the original, IMO.
Really suprised to know who was in Hot RS!! Thanks for the info!
I'd love to heaar the House Of The Rising Sun tune!
Good lookin' out Chris.

Mellow Jonny said...

Great post Chris,love the Viking disco. many thanks, keep in touch.

christopher keys said...

the original is by far my favourite, will pull some of their other things soon.. hey mellow Jonny, nice to see ya