Monday, January 21, 2008

CK in Futureboogie guestmix mixup

A little while ago the guys who run Futureboogie and the excellent Seen nights in Bristol asked me to do a mix for their site, I have been a long time fan of the mixes they pop up there, including amongst others the very cool Maurice Fulton, the highly esteemed Peter Kruder & personal favourite Domu. So of course when they asked I was not only surprised but also delighted. Now while I'm not in the league of those previously mentioned I can't help but feel a little proud of getting the invite; I've given them a two hour midtempo Disco mix which includes some newish house tracks and a few i dug up and slowed down from the depths of some cupboard here at ANOE headquarters. So go check it out, give them (and me) a little support and drop us a line to let us know what u thought.

go here to check it

PS: thankyou so much all for the great responses to the mix - a few of u wanted a tracklisting, and though there is one on futureboogie, im gonna stick one up in the comments for this post so go there to see it, thanks so much...


thebeathunters said...

nice shot. can't get enough of that chic/toddT mix. i know we're talking secret defense here but a tracklist would be wlcomed
keep on shinin'

Pepsi said...

All I can saw is awesome, This was a jumping set and you knocked it out of the park. Keep em' coming!

christopher keys said...

thanks guys :)
mr beathunter there is a track listing on the Futureboogie site

DJ BWYSE said...

Nice work on the D/l now. Peace

matt said...

Looking forward to it Chris. Thanks.

thebeathunters said...

hum, indeed... thanks anyway

did you by any chance listened to the crazy p mixtape?
there's this track at the beginning (around 10"mark) obviously an edit of some pop long lost track i always loved
please let me know about it...

dalestephen said...

I want your love & b&d are two of my favorite tracks at the moment. Real quality mix Chris full of hip shakin grooves( my g/f is absolutly diggin' it) stuff

peace dale

Enrique said...

Great mix!

Яui said...

Just wanted to give you my sincere "thanks" for the superb quality in the mix.

Great, great stuff!

Keep up the good work!

HRSN said...

any chance of a tracklisting? loved the mix!

christopher keys said...


* lamont dozier – good eye (jameleone edit)
* chic – i want your love (todd terje edit)
* billy frazier & friends – billy who? (underdog edit)
* rune lindbaek – soper star
* runaway – aint afraid to beg
* punkin machine – i need you tonight
* i:cube – tokyo uno
* tony allen – kilode (carl craig remix)
* disco devil – now dance
* jive rhythm trax – 112 BPM
* world premiere – share the night
* starflight – dance to the beat
* todd terje – kul i pul
* black sun – black sun
* herb alpert – red hot (special remixed version)
* chaz jankel – youre my occupation (2007 take)
* quincy jones – betcha wouldnt hurt me (ooft full rework)
* cronk family enterprises – put it on
* james brown – its a mans world (henrik schwarz remix)
* james brown – dead on it (u-tern’s disco edit)
* melba moore – standing right here
* subway tracks – sexy moments
* trusme – dont you know
* rekid – lost star 6
* projam - into the groove
* beatfanatic – doin fine
* community service – b & d

The Revenge said...

Big respect CK. Keep doin' the do ;)

Bemused said...

great my friends here in Iowa diggin it and askin for more.

Nikolay said...

Hi Chris.Your mix for futureboogie changed my life.Your choice for tracks and really good mixing abilities make this mix incredible.This is one of the best mixes for futureboogie made ever.Also like very much CrazyP,Maurice Fulton and Dixon.It's great that the guys who run Futureboogie know who to invite.Yor mix made me seek for tracks that i like.The first was Pacific Blue - You Gotta Dance which is not on the list but i found it recognizing the vocals.Great disco track.And now since 2 days i can't stop listen to Chilly - Dance With Me which is the original version of Disco Devil - Now Dance which i could't find.Anyway i just wanted to say one big thank you and let you know that you made someone's life better.Hope to hear more stuff from you.Keep up and big respect

christopher keys said...

Hi Nikolay
thanks so much for the kind words, its no often you hear a response like this one - i am so pleased u enjoyed it so much and have gone hunting for the originals of those tracks... I do have some upcoming mixes for various people and i hope to get to play in europe sometime soon - thanks again, u made my day :)