Wednesday, January 16, 2008

floor fuel

Tune Alert! Well I have been rocking to this li'l Disco Funk Hop number for the past few weeks by Featurecast on Super Hi-Fi Records, it's produced by Lee Mintram (aka DJ Waxxy, Lee Cast, D.O.P., DJ Cast and a few other names to boot) and it's an infectious cut up Hip Hop multi-edit sort of thing with great energy and phat beats. This particular mix, done by Blend, is tagged on the end of the b - side and while all the tracks are rather cool, this nearly hidden gem is a true party starter.

Featurecast - Disco Diesel (Blend Remix)


Cubik said...

Tune alert indeed mate!
Lovely stuff.

Cheers for that.
Hope all is well there.


christopher keys said...

hey hey Mr Cubik
all is well, i have something coming up for u - wil mail ya