Friday, January 11, 2008

low doses

I'm not usually swayed by what's supposedly 'in' and fashionable, in fact I usually avoid the stuff people are making a noise about, sometimes to my detriment. Normally I just wait for the hype to die down and then investigate later, not because i remember to - it's usually accidental. A good example of missing the point entirely would be Lindstrom's 'I feel Space', I had been collecting his stuff for an age and when he became so popular I sort of just stopped being too interested, Dj Harri had to tell me what the track was after I sort of flipped out on hearing it in a mix of his.

Anyway In Flagranti sort of fell into this category (not for any real reason) until I heard this particular number on Codek recently and bagged it immediately. ' Low Dose Virility' came out late last year and it just rocks my world. It's Disco Jim, but not as we know it; it's retro, No Wave, modern, cut up, grooving, with some great hooks, has a lyric that goes 'Don't Stop' running through it, some loose scratching, warm & spacey... wait a minute that sounds like a whole lot of stuff, i would normally like, OK then this is Disco exactly as it should be and an all together huge club dance floor mover. From 'Sounds Superb volume 1.', this track takes pride of place amongst 3 other classy Cosmic & Electronic endeavours by various artists. See more info & Buy it here NOW!

In Flagranti - Low Dose Virility

PS - I've seen this sell out in a number of stores so hurry up!!!

edit: ok Juno has sold out - best look around


Anonymous said...

been playing this in sets for a good 6 months now. beautiful track. for the heads: it's made up of samples from Made In The USA's "Melodies"

love & music,

Scott K.

Zuckermann said...

well, yes, the hypes... it's indeed rather rare these are justified. i wonder what is (musically) going to happen to the ed banger crowd for example.
uffie is lame oldskool electro which can't compare to the originals, not to speak of her DIY-raps...
dj mehdi might be a cool scratch wiz, but when it comes to producing he's so old hat, it hurts.
justice, well, just read my video review on our blog: to sum these up: let's cut the hype.
the onyl one really up for some musical inspiration might be SebastiAn. his tracks have something that you just can't grasp but which is really, really strong. which miiight be responsible for his relative famelessness compared to the others?
anyway, the space disco hype is over. lindstrom suddenly sounds so boring... my god, am i really that much of a hype victim? zuckermann <--- wondering

christopher keys said...

zuckerman - i guess if u know this blog then u know i dont do the hype thing, but i cant begine to disagree more with u about lindstrom stuff sounding boring, not to these ears, well not for the most part and space disco?? the hype might be over but the sound will live on and on and on

Ill check the blog

Zuckermann said...

christopher, that was exactly why i brought that up. as you say, it's better to let the hype die down before looking into a possible substance of things. i can see that your blog is a lot about "classic" stuff/ influeced-by-classics stuff. and i certainly respect that a lot, plus love those sounds too. i mean, real style never dies.
it's only that sometimes i feel a bit worn out by all this referencing. so, regarding our subject of disapproval; after not having played nor listened to lindstrom nor price thomas for quite a while, i checked this "Lindstrom - Its A Feedelity Affair" remix collection. and i must say that i know now, why so northern lights like to drink themselves to unconsciousness - it's soooo boring (sorry, sorry, sorry;-).
what on the other hand hand do you think of wighnomy brothers for example? their "Wighnomy Bros. and Robag Wruhme - Remikks Potpourri II" remix collection is just phantastic - and there never really was a hype about these gentlemen, just solid recognition - as it should be with gentlemen ;-)))

christopher keys said...

Hey Hey Zuckerman, first off I gotta say its a pleasure having someone actually raising an in interesting debate in the comment section, i truly appreciate all the love i get, but its nice to get another perspective. I have to admit there certainly are a few lindstroms out there that leave me cold, perhaps i should have been clearer on this and not simply presumed you were amongst those who just dis a scene cos its fashionable. actually its already in my statement, I loved his earlier stuff and a lot of it was perhaps less settled on one particular bunch of ideas which u could easily identify as a lindstrom sound. Feedelity Affair isnt in my record collection, it didnt grab me the way say Violent Group did or things like 'javel jazz hva na'- so we're sort of in ageement anyway... I really dont know too much of the W brothers, what I've heard or have I like... give me some suggestions on which ones u think are really worth checking out... thanks again for your thoughts...

Zuckermann said...

hey christoper. thanks for all the cake man!-,
me too, i enjoy a constructive debate rather than simply exchanging pleasantries. i am not saying of course that everyone posting things like "great selection/ tune" etc. has nothing to say or just wants to please. far from that!
regarding the "Lindstrom - Affair", ultimately these things come down to taste of course. but then, taste is also sometimes (and unfortunately so) pre-dominated by contexts in which they appear. so, even if one feels that something is great, it might just be impossible to play that certain tune at some well-defined moments in time.
in some cases though it seems to be the other way around, one is somehow turned into a true follower, only to find out later that this certain music has worryingly little substance to offer. which brings us back to mister L. i must admit i liked the stuff you mentioned in your last post a lot, and "i feel space" of course too (although there are so many alike sounding interpretations of that one... one of the best imho is the black label "donna kebab", said to be a "plump DJ"s cut). but as you say, Lindstrom leaves one a bit cold, if i might be frank, it sounds a bit like modern muzak to me. whereas other music doesn't age in such a way, like, just one! example out of a million: Rockers Hi-Fi.

about the wighnomy's: the above mentioned "remikks" collection is a very nice introduction, particularly:
"Royksopp - Beautiful Day Without You (Wighnomys und Robags Spekkfakkel remix)"
"Matthias Tanzmann - Bulldozer (Robags Herbstmoosmutzel remix)"
or a solo one by
"Robag Wruhme - Jena Makks_Koerner And Treplec Remix".

i don't know whether you'll like that, it's all a bit experimental and weird - but works quite well in a club surprisingly.

my newest discovery though is the cobblestone album btw. leaves me deeeeply and truly impressed.

cheers and pleasure debating with you ;-)