Monday, January 07, 2008

a pint a day keeps paul away

There are more than a few sides to the many headed monster that is the edit scene, of course there is the Disco side ( a neon lit dancefloor you'll most often find me on) but there is a little dark corner where the crazy men with beards hangout and a little left of it are the real nutter Syd Barret's of the edit racket. I'd probably put Peter Visti in that group with his rework of 'Do They Know It's Christmas?', it's nice but simultaneously all wrong (don't ask). Sometimes the risk is worth taking; his much discussed modified Dolly Parton track worked out well. It's this sort of risk taking that often graces Mindless Boogie releases, it's all in the name I guess. Mindless Boogie no 10 features the excellent Woolfy taking on Wing's 'Band On The Run'. My feelings on Wings aren't exactly controversial, I happen to think the 'Band On The Run' album is one of the greats and featured heavily on my parents play lists when i was around 8 or 9. Of course later I would discover many people hate Wings for a whole lot of reasons i think are pretty lame. Woolfy's choice to edit this particular track probably has a little tongue in cheek about it, but the absolute beauty he brings to it leads me to believe he has a sensitive soft spot for it too. It's bloody marvelous, bringing out a spaceyness to the originals syrupy hooks. It's a must own as far as I'm concerned so go and buy it at once right here.

Woolfy - A Pint A Day

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