Thursday, March 20, 2008


More edity business for ya, this time from Social Disco Club's very talented DJ Humberto Matias; two tracks from Canadian Disco evergreens Bombers first album get fused into this single medley? medit? mixup? Done very nicely by this Porto based man on the move, 'Don't Stop The Music/Dance Dance Dance' is undoubtedly designed for dancing.

Humberto has, of course, put out a bunch of well received edits along with Barna Soundmachine on the Ocsid Music Label, he also runs the very cool Social Disco Club blog, which contains a bunch of edits from the man, exclusive sets from Greg Wilson, a brilliant new'ish one from Pete Herbert (aka Reverso 68) and all kinds of Disco heavy content. So another ANOE exclusive edit for you to check out and undoubtedly shake a little booty to. Thanks very much Humberto for this.

Bombers - Don't Stop The Music/ Dance Dance Dance (SDC Edit)

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