Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Deep Move

It's been awhile since I posted anything vaguely new, well that isn't an edit of a crate find, this came out on a 12" in early April last year, it's still pretty new.

German producer Move D makes damn fine House music, with releases on Liebe Detail, Philpot, Phil e, Warp, Compost, Plug Research and his own label Source Records, amongst others, David Moufang has been honing his Techno/ Disco/ House hybrid sound, experimenting along the way and generally creating a well deserved fuss amongst dj's. One of my favorite Move D tracks and there are quiet a few, is his 'Theo' which came out on Workshop in '07; there's no question he's channeling a little Parrish magic into the mix along with his own heavy underground vibe. Anyway David is prolific and works on a number of interesting projects, and he's no one trick pony. I'd recommend checking out his tracks, if you aren't already, and visiting his Myspace page for more information. Deeeeeeep!

Move D - Theo

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Anonymous said...

Move D is the Boss!