Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ellen's groove

Ellen Mcilwaine's 'Jimmy Jean' is another one of those must finds; exotic afro/asian beats, raw folk guitars (from Ellen herself) and her superb, potent vocals. Originally from her 1973 album 'We The People' ( a great album), this Bluesy, Jazz bomb is trance inducing, organic music for hedonist days, or just a good groove, depending on your point of view. Of course it's not a track I myself discovered, the very astute digger that is Kenny Dope, popped it on his 2004 Lifestyles compilation for Harmless, a series which highlights important tracks that have influenced a number of interesting producers. It's the sort of life affirming track that blows my hair back, so it was inevitable it would wind up here on A.N.O.E. and kind of fits in with other recent posts...

Ellen Mcilwaine - Jimmy Jean


jack said...

killer track chris.

this has been a fav of mine for years-love that jazzy/folk/psychadelic crossover sound.


me and a friend have been knocking out some edits recently, working under the name ulysses82 on a synth heavy 80s funk sound.

You can check them out on my other blog ( but I can sort you out with some anoe exclusives if you fancy.

take care mate.

kevvy-k said...

Chris, this is deliciously wigged-out. I love it.