Monday, May 12, 2008

get lifted

I've posted a track off 'OST/Original Block Party Edits' before; it's a pretty good compilation with a good few bombs on it. I can't really say what my issue with it is though; with names like DJ Harvey, Black Science Orchestra, Fug, and Tim 'Love' Lee doing the edits I half expected my CD player to explode, I tell ya it did not. Sadly not available on Vinyl, unless you collected all the originals from Original Soundtrack Recordings (the label, right, from whence these edits originate), this compilation is worth finding, though not for playing from start to end.

As far as I can tell this George McCrae re-edit from Mischief Brew (who they?) actually never came out on vinyl anyway (nooooo!!). It's a damn fine slow and sexy Disco Funk groove that's been playfully extended (it reminds me of an R.E. edit) to snake charm your hips into booty shakin' , just don't do it front of yer mum.

George McCrae - I Got Lifted (Mischief Brew Re-edit)


jimk666 said...

the album 'OST Block Party Edits' was issued on 2xLP in a gate fold sleeve through EMI a couple of years ago
the pressing wasn't the greatest, still playable and if i'm not mistaken is probably still in circulation. i sourced a brand new copy for a customer order [i work in a record store] via UK distribution about a year ago ...

btw_ me like ur blog.

christopher keys said...

hey Jim
thanks for that info, i was under the impression there was only the sampler and couldnt find proof of a double, but that is good news - thanks again man

dalestephen said...

Yeah Chris , got me a copy of the vinyl version, as previously stated, pressings are kinda average, but I love the instrumental of "make me beleive in you" and " shack up".

lovn' the site lately.. lots new info to check out ... keep it up

peace dale

Miguel said...

that edit came out on vinyl..

christopher keys said...

Hey Dale & Miguel - thanks, im on the hunt for it as we speak.. hope you're both well. Dale I got plenty more exciting stuff to check out over the next week or so, just loving doing this blog and music in general at the moment... erm always :)

kelvin brown said...

Hi mate,

if memory serves correct that The George McCrae edit was by Martin Brew, the old manager of Fat City record in manchester, and one half of J-Walk

Peeeeace... Kelvin