Tuesday, May 13, 2008

psychedelic disco bear

It's no secret how much A.N.O.E. loves Bear Funk and it's family of labels, I think only Noid has a similar effect on me; basically i get a little over excited (insert blush smiley). So there's a new Max Essa on Bear Funk, the main track 'Back To The Beach' is well Balearic; typically beautiful live Essa guitars and beats going on a trippy jaunt to the beach, it's lovely. On the flip you'll find 'Dead Acrobat', a track that just confirms my love for this label and it's artists. 'Acrobat' is wonky, psychedelic, muddy in parts, slo-mo, dubbed-up Disco or 'Bear Funk' Disco if ya like, definitely experimental. There aren't a whole lot of dance floors that will take to this, certainly not out here, if you find one, you've struck gold (get me there now!). Also included is 'Telepath', another fine cosmic headtrip.

Max has an album on the way called 'Continental Drift' coming out on Bear Funk, later on in the year, and a whole bunch of remixes bubbling down in his studio as we speak; Rubies 'I Feel Electric', Coyote's 'Going Out' and one for John Daly of Feel Music. Thanks to Bear Funk for the heads up on this release, check your local vinyl store so you can hear 'Back To The Beach', the rest is up to you...

Max Essa - Dead Acrobat

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