Tuesday, May 13, 2008

i want mvsclz

...and another thing, Austin Texas man Ben Aqua aka MVSCLZ recently hit me up with a link to his latest mix called 'Black Magic Mountain', it's been on serious rotation in these parts. I also checked out his myspace which has some original work on his player and I have to say, even though the tracks are currently in demo state (well he told me, didn't he?) I just know this guy is going places, I can feel it in me bones. The mix is a real treat for cosmic dancers, just check the tracklist…

01. (intro) Vangelis - Conquest of Paradise
02. Future World Orchestra - I'm Not Afraid of the Future
03. Goblin - Tenebre
04. Claudio Simonetti - College
05. Bob East Showband - Squash
06. Martin Agterberg - Ephemeron
07. Gene Ramone - Romantic Face
08. Passengers - Go Michelle
09. Vivien Vee - Gotta Go
10. Imagination - Music and Lights
11. Peter Jacques Band - Counting on Love One, Two, Three
12. Arabesque - Don't Kiss a Crocodile
13. Change - Angel in My Pocket
14. Richard Romero - Non Chalance
15. Alexander Robotnick - Love Robot
16. Vam Cyborg - Gods Valley (New Dance Mix)
17. Patrick Cowley - Teen Planet

Now get on over to his lovely website Aquabotic and download ‘Black Magic Mountain’, invite some friends over, turn your picnic blanket into a dance floor in a nearby garden and feel the heat, just don’t forget his name…


Anonymous said...

How does one download this mix? Right clicking doesn't seem to work, nor does clicking the "Download" link.

robotsluvme said...

Here's a direct download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?3rfhmdwlqmd

hamildan said...

this mix is really great.