Friday, May 16, 2008

makeshift #1

Jeremy Glen is MakeShift, a Toronto based DJ and producer of Nu Disco & electronica (yeah i know categories like that are gonna make u sweat), who's latest (unreleased) EP has been on heavy rotation at ANOE headquarters. More than one track had me thinking I was listening to an Environ release I had forgotten to check out, I was sure I hadn't received or bought any lately and then I remembered it was MakeShift, unsigned no less. I wasn't so off track mind, as Environ previously expressed some interest in MakeShift's 'Fantasy', which is included on the EP. Go and check out Jeremy's official web page, have a listen to some of his mixes and generally learn a little more about this Canadian who describes his own dancing style as "somewhere between a drunken jazz step and a house jack... if all else fails, I just listen to the bass for my cues". If you want to do a living room boogie of your own (OK that's what I did) drop by his Myspace to listen (and probably dance) to some of his EP and other bits.

Jeremy's allowed me to upload a couple of the tracks off 'Nothin' But The Dirt', so I'll be doing exactly that (one now, one in an upcoming post). 'Time Creeps' is the one that grabbed me first, it's got that warm sexy 80's Disco sound we all love, some dubby bits, lovely drums and the whole thing leans nicely to the left.

MakeShift - Time Creeps

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Anonymous said...

Jer is well versed in soul, funk, boogie, no-wave, new jazz, disco and many, many styles of GOOD music. He is also one of the nicest guys you could ever meet with a nice bum to boot!
ha ha ha....big up the T-Dot!