Wednesday, June 04, 2008

earth blues are easy

The recent Snorkel post put me in mind of this immensely beautiful Afro Rock jam from the mighty Nigerian Blo. 'Chant to The Mother Earth' is a very moving, psychedelic free jam with 'Nine to the Universe' Hendrix inspired guitar work, dubby undertones and rambling organic beats. It's featured on a few compilations, but comes originally from their album 'Chapter One'. Strut Records assembled a lovely collection of their tracks called 'Phases 1972 - 1982' which has more than a handful of their best and hard to find bits, including 'Miss Sagit', 'Number One', 'Chant to The Mother Earth' and the fantastic Afro Disco item 'Get That Groove In'. Strut, who are back in business via K7, are one of the great labels who take great care creating their releases and have done a very fine job, bringing back Afro gems like this one from the past. Dusty groove indeed!

Blo - Chant To The Mother Earth

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