Tuesday, June 03, 2008

El Fen

Ammi Mislayenne's 'El Fen' isn't very easy to find and is another of those bloody expensive Disco oddities if you do. Apparently after moving to Paris from Algeria, Mislayenne's manager pushed him into making a Disco record, 'El Fen' would be on the flip side of 'Yemma', released in 1976 for Stip Records. Mislayenne, a Berber, was better known for his Kabyle folk music, traditional to the people of the Kabylie mountains on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea. If you dig Ahmed Fakroun's 'Nisyan', the track that got edited for the first Les Edits Du Golem release ('Sumak'), this would probably appeal to you though it's not really the same thing. It's a great track, if a little on the 'sounds like 'Life is Life' via the dance floor' or the chorus bit anyway. I'm surprised someone hasn't gone at this with a razor blade...

Ammi Mislayenne - El Fen


fritz the cat said...

Not the best quality rip, but an interesting track.

Anonymous said...

Could you reup plese?