Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Press Play #14: Finn Johannsen

Press Play goes 80's, no not naf 'Banarama vs Bros' 80's, more like early 80's, synthy, left of center, New Wave made for dancing and thinking at the same time 80's. So bands like Cabaret Voltaire, Clock DVA, Soft Cell and more, fuel this absolute corker mixed by Berlin based Finn Johannsen.

Lets see, Finn is 38, born in Northern Germany and has been living in Berlin for several years. He's been collecting records voraciously since he was a kid. Finn started DJ'ing in the 80's, playing Northern Soul on the all-nighter circuit, then got hooked on House in Hamburg's seminal Front Club. These days he plays anything from Disco obscurities, forgotten house gems, to Post Punk to current electronic sounds for audiences across Germany and Europe. He also writes for de:bug magazine, as well as some other publications and runs Macro Recordings with Stefan Goldmann. Finn believes you have to share the knowledge, instead of posing like you own it, hence he writes & DJ's prolifically and shares a healthy back catalogue of his mixes on various sites; check Finn Johannsen, his Myspace, a blog he and a few like minded individuals contribute to, de:bug and Macro Recordings to experience some of this mans formidable talents. The programming and mixing here are just superb, it beggars belief just how fresh this sound still is...

Personal fact: I danced to many of these tracks during my first years of clubbing at a place called The Rez - a rough, edgy, arty crowd attended, danced like ridiculous angled shards of breaking glass, drank too much, and tried to look 'fierce'. I felt the warm/cold buzz of electronic body music deep in my veins. I would never be the same again. As always check the sidebar for the link or simply go here...

Oh and massive thanks to Finn for joining the best mix series in town...

track list:

B-Side - Bones
Cabaret Voltaire - Sensoria
Clock DVA - Sound Mirror
Act - Snobbery And Decay
The Fyling Lizards - Hands 2 Take
400 Blows - The Charmer
Soft Cell - So
Visage - Again We Love
Japan - Life In Tokyo
Shriekback - Accretions
Godley & Creme - Woodwork
Altered Images - Disco Pop Stars
Matia Bazar - I Bambini Di Poi
Thomas Dolby - Urges
The Residents - Excerpt From 'For Elsie'
Tuxedomoon - Atlantis
Gentle Ihor - Psalm 151
Yazoo - In My Room
A.P.O. - O Superman


Anonymous said...

wow! this looks like my bag Chris - on the d/l...

Danny Rack'em

kevvy-k said...

Great lookin mix Finn/Chris.. can't wait to check it out. By strange coincidence, about to start a synthy season over on Dilated Choonz

hamildan said...

disco pop stars & shriekback? I know I'm gonna like this.

Anonymous said...

hey chris, now's about time to thank you for everything you've put up during the last year. i'm kinda fan. big up!

'professor' Eddy said...

My goodness, what an incredible dark wave mix this is! Exactly the type of music I'm into today. Very well done, Finn!

thebeathunters said...

can't remember if i actually thanked/praised you for yer great lovebubble/ugly talented mix
currently playin' and lovin' it

Marc said...

Hey Chris
What a great compilation! I'm amazed to see that Gentle Ihor track, which I'd completely forgotten about. It first appeared on a compilation of unknown northern UK artists called "Your Secret's Safe With Us" - notable for the inclusion of The Chameleon's first single (probably the most influential post-punk band that never made it) and the wonderful Indians In Moscow.

Damn, now I have to go and track down that album again! Thanks a lot - aaarrggghhh ;)

Marc said...

Here ya go...

I forgot it also features a little-known band at the time, called Pulp ;)