Saturday, June 21, 2008

Party Freaks

It's rumored that the Freaky Funk edits are a product of Crazy P's, I can't confirm that for you, but I can say that I have both volumes and have enjoyed playing them a whole lot, especially last years "Vol 2". Most stores don't seem to have either of the 12"s anymore, but I recommend hunting them down, especially for this lovely re-cut of Miami's 'Party People' which, it seems, combines the original with the instrumental; the lengthy meander through the tracks instrumental in the front half of the edit is clever and easy on the ear, evoking a hot summer night in the city (that's what I'm getting anyway). It's a classic mid-tempo track, especially for one about an 'up for it' flock (aren't all party tracks uptempo?), it's infectious groove sets the tone for a great night out though...

Miami - Party People (Freaky Funk Edit)

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jerome green said...

Hi Chris,

Great post; Miami is nice and funky. I've been listening to 2 lps (The Party Freaks - 1974, and Notorious - 1976) that I found on Baby Grandpa. Check it out (you may already have these records?):

'If You Love Me (Like You Say You Love Me)' on Notorious is incredible; sort of like Curtis Mayfield hanging around Bernie Worrell too much. The second side is very uptempo, the second half of 'Disco Weekend' is almost like a lost Patrick Adams track (mind-boggling).

The lp The Party Freaks (1974) has some crazy stuff. 'Chicken Yellow (Let Me Do It To You)' must have been sampled a number of times, it sounds very familiar. It's a reall dubby track.

I have a hard time believing these albums are from that early in the decade due to some of the sounds. Just fabulous stuff.

Also, I'm amazed I never knew about this stuff until the last year. Seems like their records (including 7"s) can be found on services such as GEMM. I thought they were more rare.

Thanks again for posting. You always put up the real stuff for the ears, body, mind, and feet.

Peace and Love,