Friday, June 27, 2008

not even disco

There is not a lot one can say about Giorgio Moroder that hasn't already been said, except to perhaps thank the greater forces for dropping such an intense talent into our midst. Sometime in 1975 Giorgio released an album under the name Einzelganger, which roughly translates as 'Individualist', or more literally as 'Lone Wolf', it's an experimental album which has Moroder re-inventing himself, albeit momentarily, as the insightful anti pop wizard of spaced out electronica. Listened to as a whole, the album is well wierd, but also incredibly beautiful and predates a number of modern music genre's across it's 9 tracks. Being a concept album of sorts, individual tracks aren't entirely the idea (though there are one or two more traditional type songs), 'Basslich' is the one you're getting; it's a short & simple, very effective set of variations on a wonky loop, File under Disco Not Disco.

Einzelganger - Basslich

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kelvin brown said...

really, really ace mate....