Friday, June 27, 2008

another man

I was recently reminded of this West End beauty by a discussion on DJHistory; part of the track is heard coming from a ghetto blaster in a scene of the superb documentary 'Paris is Burning' (which if you haven't seen is absolutely essential viewing). Barbara Mason's 'Another Man' (from around 1983) has some deliciously soulful spacey keys, typical to a lot of Prelude Records, the kind that really do it for me and the languid instrumental version only serves to highlight them further, though you do also get a few of those classic Mason 'ooh child' bits from the vocal. The instrumental really goes nowhere, just repeats variations on the main theme, but I love this about it and it reminds me a lot of my favorite Asso tune. Beautiful late night Space Disco for a Friday night in the city...

Barbara Mason - Another Man (Instrumental)


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for upping this track.ever since i saw "paris is burning" i wondered what the hell the track was that the pr queen was listening to.also, i have to say that chris is right,"paris is burning" is essential viewing, gay or straight. ahgoodygoody.

chris keys said...

hey mr goody goody
yeah its a hot number, I too wondered for years until someone told me, its weird how a small scene like that can stay with you.