Saturday, June 28, 2008

what you might find in rainbow country

Stilove4music is pretty consistent when it comes to putting out good edit's, although I don't really think of them as edits, they feel more like good ol' top notch House Music to me. U know the kind, back when it was OK to rip an entire Disco track, rework it and put it out as an original. As long as it was good, nothing else mattered, but of course for every good one, there were a hundred or more rubbish ones. Anyway I digress... The Sugar Band's 'Rainbow' is given a working over by Amp Fiddler, part of the original source is Bob Marley's 'Rainbow Country', not sure which bit The Sugar Band did. Amp's keys are what makes this good and even better, the track has a very KDJ feel about it, very! Stilove4music put this out early last year and I've seen a few copies floating about which u may want to grab.

The Sugar Band - Country (Amplified Fiddler Rework)

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