Sunday, July 27, 2008

burgundy not purple

California's Dam-Funk is creating timeless music. I'd say if he's making music right this minute it's sure to be timeless. There is an onslaught of great music being released at the moment, but how sure can one be that it's going to stand the test of time ? Of course it doesn't have to, but it's something extra special when it does. I am quiet certain that if you head on over to Dam-Funk's myspace to check some of his productions, you'll instantly agree that there is indeed something damn special going on. You can hear some things he's currently working on; 'Lets Take Off' & 'Waves' are both deadly tunes. There's Prince, Metro Area, 80's Boogie, Space Jazz, Space Disco, The Time, Asso, an entire Prelude collection and more mixed up, brewed (as they say) and stewed in the making of a Dam-Funk tune. You'll also hear 'Galactic Funk' the killer b-side on his debut ep for Stones Throw; it's Italo with more Soul than you could fit in an elephant. What I'm trying to say is Dam-Funk is fantastic and you need to go out and buy his 12", simple. Check the a side track 'Burgundy City' for one of the finest pieces of music made now and then (points to the future). spend your money right here...

Dam-Funk - Burgundy City - this file has been removed, you have a link just above here, to go check it out and buy it for yourself, do it, u need this. I concede I did not have the correct permission to post the file, which is not the case with a great deal of content here on another night... Dam-Funk still gets the punt!


cubikmusik said...

what a gem!
Nice one mate.
Hope all is well with you there.


pipecock said...

i love this whole 12", i am looking forward to more releases from him!

chris keys said...

hey guys
ha! yeah the whole 12" is amazing, i too cant wait for new releases, he's a genius! cubik - yeah doing ok, busy like crazy! good to hear from u, i will make a stop over there at cm a little later :)

Anonymous said...