Monday, July 28, 2008

y the blades

What about songs you know need an edit? Not the kind where the bad bits have to come out, but those where the good bits are simply too short. Fabrice Cuitade of the Droids fame has already had some of his material re-worked with pixel choppers (real blades are unlikely) but it seems to me that one of his best grooves can be found hidden in the last track of his Barclay released album 'Star Peace'. The track is called 'Renaissance de L'amour', it shifts in and out of deep synth space, making an early stop at an intergalactic groove center, my only problem is Fabrice doesnt stay there. It's a slice of deep underground space Disco, with great keys and a haunting vocal drifting around, even the break down is lovely, but all too soon you're back in the amorphous womb of inner space. nevermind it's kinda nice in there too.

Droids - Renaissance de L'amour

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