Friday, July 04, 2008

everyman and woman is a star

Som'ting a little bit special for you all this Friday night; if you hunt around in ANOE's 'Keepin' Connected' section you'll find that Ebony Cuts has it's own blog site now, which is really the home of all things cut up and all things Cuebism. Lynn aka Cuebism has been putting up quality mixes for a good few years now, they are always the source of much excitement for Disco headz like myself, filled to the brim, as they are, with obscurites and fantastic tracks. With sites like Ebony Cuts, Million Dollar and a few others, you're simultaneously tapping into a deep deep Disco, Soul, Funk knowledge as well as an irony free groove treasure trove. Well now you are also getting some of Lynn's edits via his blog which is excellent news, plus he has some rarities up for sale, but those u should check out quickly because they're selling pretty fast (a 12" of Buari's 'I'm Ready' dissapeared too fast for me').

Anyway Cuebism has given us an edit exclusive, his dancefloor tested (with great success), though never previously available edit of Double Exposure's 'Everyman', the Norman Harris produced, 1976, Salsoul swinger. This massive strings Disco side comes with a written guarantee to get your crowd all happy and feelin' one, it does i swear. OK, but drop it after you played some dark 'tunnel' tracks and tell me it doesnt go down a treat! Thanks big time Lynn! Now go check his blog here.

oh oh and another thing... have you downloaded his latest mix... no 42?? get it.

Double Exposure - Everyman (Cuebism Rework)


matt said...

I've been really enjoying this one Chris.

chris keys said...

hey Matt
how ya doin?
glad you digging it - me too

Anonymous said...


Any chnace you could re-up the audio for this as I missed it first time round.


chris keys said...

check back in a day or so steve, ill dig it up..

chris keys said...

found it - its up for a few days...

Anonymous said...

Got it

Cheers Chris, Lynn definitely needs to get more of his edits out there!!

Really after his taste of honey one!