Tuesday, July 22, 2008

farewell to ibusa

Excuse the absence of new music over the last week, I been workin' very hard at the day job.

I've been very much on an Afro groove the last while and have wanted to share this gem with you for sometime. As with much Afro goodness, I cant really help fill you in on the background of Ghanaian band Afro Funk, but in 1973 their album came out on Kabana Records, it seems they only did the one record (both label and band) but if you can find 'Body Music' then snatch it up. Many of the tracks are fantastic, but this Santana in Africa funk groove, with it's unusual electronic undertones is just magnificent. 'Farewell to Ibusa' is a meandering groove that surely will astound you as much as it does me...

Afro Funk - Farewell To Ibusa

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