Monday, July 14, 2008

sergio vs thor

Sergio Rizzolo has reworked a lesser known Thor Baldursson item (well i didn't know it), it's full tilt Space Disco designed for dancing and comandeering 'Light Runners' on a mission to the outer rim. Thor worked a fair bit with Tom Moulton and produced, arranged and appeared on tracks for Grace Jones, First Choice, Disco Circus, Donna Summer, he was likewise a member of Giorgio Moroder's Munich Machine and well I needn't go on from there. This particular item comes off his album 'Boogaloo' with Mats Bjorkland (known as B&B) on CBS.

Rizzolo has dug up some great bit's for his editing delight - right now I'm loving his 'Escapades of Love' & 'Morocco' both available to hear on his Myspace page. He'd also like to introduce you to his friends at the stephen-hawkings blog, these fellow Malmo residents are also the guys behind the recent Parlour No.1 7" which has been in some stores over the last few weeks. If you haven't heard it, I reckon you should (do a search on Piccadilly, they had it), it's a beautiful Cosmic/Balearic (read as difficult to categorize but real pleasant on the ear) item, both sides are fantastic.

Sergio Rizzolo - Lunar Boogie

editors note: ok so the guys behind the stephen hawkings blog are infact not the guys behind Parlour. Parlour themselves contacted me to say that my info was incorrect, they are all however buddies, so its not far wrong. thanks guys for the update.


Jonas From Falun said...

Actually It's not the Stephen Hawings guys who are behind the first Parlour 7 inch. It's this duo from Gothenburg:

But they're all close friends so it's not that big deal.

chris keys said...

hey jonas
yeah i know, it was a little bit of misinformation from elswhere, I have been in touch with the Parlour guys subsequently - been meaning to change the info here