Sunday, August 10, 2008

sky high

Anita Haan's vocals have caught my imagination since i was a kid, even when I was too far gone on New Wave, there were certain voices from the 70's Rock, Folk & Soul scenes that had me hooked; Joni Mitchell of course, Minnie Ripperton, Lani Hall amongst others. I didn't go into the whole Babe Ruth catalogue until much later (infact I'm still checking them out) and there is much to be discovered. 'The Mexican' is fairly well known by most Disco Heads, covered as it was by The Bombers and later Jellybean Benitez, if however you're looking for beardy psychedelic bizznezz then check out 'Amar Caballero' (1974 on Harvest) for some really good stuff. Sunday night's 'think & drift' tune goes to Anita & the Ruth's 'Broken Cloud'.. exquisite

Babe Ruth - Broken Cloud

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