Monday, August 11, 2008

3 in 1

You've probably noticed by now that the spread of Disco tracks has thinned a little here on ANOE, it's a fine art getting the balance right, but really it comes down to the fact that at no one time do I strictly listen to Disco, the search must have no boundaries, right!? So following on from some of the deeper oddness that you've seen up here lately...

Dutch 70's band Galaxy Lin did have a minor Disco hit with 'Long Hot Summer', though its more Rock Disco than Disco Disco. I'm not keen on it much to be honest, though like most of their tracks, their instrumentation is pretty hot, it's the vocals that steal from the magic for me. There are however a couple of instrumentals from their catalogue that deserve to be checked out; 'Boy For Sale' is practically an undiscovered Balearic classic, all spanish guitars and languid groove and there is also a trilogy of instrumentals called 'Bizarre/ Yquem/ Finale' which is absolutely brilliant. It comes off a re-issue of their album 'G' that has a bucket load of bonus tracks. I am not the first to upload this, it seems the Dream Chimney headz had it awhile ago, but if you haven't heard it, ANOE thinks you should. Dense European head nodding soundtracks for wierd scenes in the psychedelic shack all in one track.

Galaxy Lin - Bizarre/ Yquem/ Finale

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YouTubePimpPlaya said...

Hey, I heard this song the other day in Costa Mesa. I'm lookin for that track bizarre/yquem/finale. The link is broken, but do you have it by any chance?

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