Thursday, August 07, 2008

time to space

The Time and Space Machine is one half of Beyond The Wizards Sleeve. Richard Norris' debut album as the 'Machine' is called 'Volume 1', it's a compilation of Krautrock tricks, far flung Psychedelic wiggy bits, foot stomping breaks and mashed up madness. It's a trip for sure; where simultaneous access to times and spaces occur at once, where inverted ironies, antique found sounds, cut ups and layered grooves (even groovyness) enjoy multiple manipulations. As it is a limited edition run on 5d Recordings, I have a feeling this will become as collectable as many of the original tunes Norris reworks on here (Phonica still have a few copies for sale). I particularly like the second half of the album and the languid hippy trail blazer 'Buffalo Roam' which ends the second side, though it's not nearly long enough.

The Time & Space Machine - Buffalo Roam


robotsinheat said...

this is the same song that Quiet Village edited into Gold Rush. the original is Writing on the Wall's "Buffalo"

chris keys said...

i didn't know any of that - thanks!!