Tuesday, August 05, 2008

makin you feel alright, alright?

I recently picked up the Gino Soccio produced Karen Silver album 'Hold On I'm Coming' in a bargain bin of used lp's; every track is instantly recognizably Gino. His trademark guitars, pulsing buzzed out bass lines, and made for dancing beats are there. I need to give the album a few more listens, mainly because the hooks seem weak when compared to some of Mr Soccio's best work. That said, tucked at the end of the lp is the real bomb (most people rate the albums track 'Fake'); 'Make Me Feel Alright' is sweet, feel good (with a touch of melancholy) Disco, when slowed down just a little becomes a sexy end of night stormer. Yeah its kitsch, but it's so damn good. I have been playing it non stop since I found it.

Karen Silver - Make Me Feel Alright. (slightly slowed down)

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