Saturday, September 13, 2008

getting there...

Mystery man and edit boss The Well Hung Don is rumored to have very little contact with the world at large, he has no e-mail, no mobile and lives on an island (of sorts). Until 5 minutes ago (maybe longer) he also had no web presence, but thanks to a distant relative, The Don now has a myspace page where u can check out some of his futureboogiesouldisco magic (Walk Music Pt1. is fantastic - well it's all great really). Tonight's exclusive (the third this week) comes to you via numerous shady under world connections - deals were made, large sums of moneys changed hands, shades were worn, just so that you could get your mits on this more Balearic than Balearic re-wired future classic. For some this could well be the soundtrack to a fading summer, for others it's the thick heat and lazy afternoon of tomorrow... Don PĂ©rignon!!

The Well Hung Don - Beleargal

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