Friday, September 19, 2008

Oogies Gone

Sometime back I posted a track by Coffee Garner, I suggest checking out the post here, if u need reminding or hadn't seen it before. Since then Mr Garner has gone on to record a second album, which I've had the pleasure of just receiving. What to say? It's another collection of lovingly produced tracks - once again Coffee digs deep for delicious lesser known dusty beats and bobs, killer jazzy breaks, burning Soul hooks, flamed Funk and Disco infernos for use in his productions. I'd venture to say it's even better than his previous work (which is saying a lot). With touches of Moodyman & Trusme, only a bit jazzier, it's easy to forget that this gentleman isn't sampling things for their obvious retro appeal, but rather for their timeless strength and no doubt because they are also genuinely meaningful to him. I'm in love with 'Sub Prime Boogie', for its widescreen vision, for its deepness and for it's love of heavy heavy Detroit vibes. The album will be going online shortly (I'll let you know when and where to get it), but in the meantime check out this A.N.O.E. exclusive.

Coffee Garner - Oogies Gone

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