Thursday, September 25, 2008

the truth

Once again I know zip about this bunch except they're from Nigeria and have featured on two diggers compilations. Black Truth Rhythm Band's 'Ifetayo' is a standout track on 'Afro Funk Explosion' from a few years back and much more recently their stunner 'Save d Musician' featured on Kon & Amir's brilliant 'Offtrack Volume 2' on BBE. Both tracks are from their album 'Ifetayo', which may or may not be their only album, Discogs don't have it listed and any other light searches seem to reveal nothing more than what I've told you here. This isnt going to be an easy find and i suspect will carry a related price tag (any leads anyone??) but the album is superb. The already highlighted tracks aside, a mellow Afro Reggae'ish item on the album called 'You People' goes down as one of the most beautiful tracks I've heard all year. Oddly it sounds like Sade going back to her roots, but it precedes Sade by a good few years. Mighty Mighty!!!!

Black Truth Rhythm Band - You People

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