Thursday, September 11, 2008

u got it

Some clever clogs, some time back said that, and this isn't verbatim, 'History is the new Punk', which i took to mean that the soundtrack to the 'revolution' would be made up of a mix of antique sounds, that the new 'New' would in fact be quiet old. If what this person was saying was prophetic, they sure got it bang on! Anyway listening to Chico Mann's Kindred Spirit album 'Manifest Tone Vol 1.' made me think, half heartidly of the insight. What an amazing timetwist of decades and continents (the ol' time and space variables) this album is. There's plenty of live 60's & 70's Afro infused Latino sounds (or is it the other way around?) within, add to that touches of the finest Hip Hop, Soul, Funk, Jazz, Electro & Blaxploitation and you've a newish release (2007) that sounds like dusty & dug up gold. I want to say it's really authentic, but what I mean to say is this band are the real thing, a hybrid of retro ghetto and genuine groove (there is simply no way you can make music like this and not enjoy it). What makes it even more ridiculous is that there is not a single duff track on the album, not a one! Check more info here and wrap your ears around this....

Chico Mann - Power (Baby, You Got It)

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