Tuesday, September 09, 2008

mo dub disco

For sometime now I've been obsessing over records that emphasis the dub in dubby Disco (probably since i was around 10, when I first heard Grace Jones). Let's see, Will Powers' 'Adventures in Success (Dub Copy)' probably defines what i mean perfectly, as do many of the awesome tracks on Strut's 'Compass Point Story'; a fantastic compilation which demonstrates the rich genesis of this sound. The A side of the Steel 'n Skin, I posted two posts back is another example and Fred Cherry's deadly Hole in the Sky release is a welcome newer addition to the genre (if there is even one?). It's all Disco but with big Afro rhythms, hypnotic bass, tons of echoing bits, maybe even an avant garde point of view, if you know what I mean. There's plenty of it out there, both new and old.

Back in 2005 D. Bastedos did a cut up of a Tony Sadler written tune called 'Need Your Love', it too is a marvelous slice of echoing madness. Since I've not heard the original I can't really say but I'm guessing Felix Dickenson (aka Foolish Felix) has given this a real dub workout, it sounds like a very convincing but unknown Talking Heads instrumental to these ears.

Felix Dickenson aka Foolish Felix has been dj'ing and producing for many years under any number of guises. You might know him as a member of Das Etwas, editmeister D. Bastedos, as one half of Foolish & Sly or the main man behind Cynic Records. Felix also ran the pretty excellent Ugly Music label in the mid to late 90's bringing a little light to K Alexi, Sir Lord Commix, Jammie Read and some others. Felix also has a residency at Life Force in Japan and like his friend Harvey, plays a wide range of dub Disco, House and other quality off-kilter wobbly grooves. Dig this?

Tony Sadler - Need Your Love (D. Bastedos edit)


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

This is a re-edit of the b-side of http://www.discogs.com/release/969144.

Love the blog by the way....keep up the good work!

chris keys said...

so fast - wow - ok so id seen this but i havent heard it - looks like ill have to go digging for it now...

thanks so much

Shawn Ryan said...

The dub of Adventures In Success is great. I think I posted it a while back. Keep up the good work Chris!