Wednesday, September 24, 2008

volga boatman

I recently found a good copy of Rinder & Lewis' Tuxedo Junction album which when considering their fantastic track record, isn't great, unless you're a big fan of 40's styled Disco reworks of things like 'Moonlight Serenade', 'Foxtrot', 'Chattanooga Choo Choo' and the like. But like many not great Disco albums, there's one standout track, that makes the find worthwhile. Now I know there are edits of 'Volga Boatman' around, it's not all that surprising when you hear the fantastic clean bass & rhythms intro and the tracks lush Disco turns, but since I picked this up just a few days ago, I'd rather go with the original. I might have a go at the track myself, just to bring out the best bits. Of course you know Rinder & Lewis were immensely talented, there is no question of their production skills on this album and for a bargain bin find, you just cant go wrong with their take on this Russian folk song.

Tuxedo Junction - Volga Boatman

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