Wednesday, October 08, 2008

ask for everything

I have to recommend that you head on over to Cool in the Pool at once and download the Soft Rocks mix. Cool in the Pool really do always have the best mixes, u know that already, but this mix is absolutely the bee's biscuit. The latest Soft Rocks ep ' Disco Power Play 3' is a really wonderful thing, 'Black Magic' is amongst my top tracks of the year. For more similar ultra weirdness and loveliness head on over here.

I've been digging all over the place for psychedelic things lately, probably egged on by the return of this sound in work by The Time and Space Machine, Beyond The Wizards Sleeve, Soft Rocks and others. Amongst the many records I got from my folks ( a sizable collection which includes a lot of great music) is Galliard's 'New Dawn', a strange album from the early 70's. See more, hear more, learn more about them on their myspace (it might be a fan's site?) and check the albums definite highlight 'Ask For Nothing', it certainly has a few personalities and is rather good...

Galliard - Ask For Nothing

a special note - Soft Rocks' newest release 'Umut 2000/Slowdown' just came in at Piccadilly

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