Monday, October 20, 2008


Far Out Recordings, home to Azymuth, Troubleman, The Ipanemas, Joyce and many other great acts has put out some of the finest crossover Brazilian material for many years. For a long while there was a constant stream of interesting remixes too, from Roc Hunter, Jazzanova, Big Bang, Kenny Dope and others but there seemed to be shifting ideas at the label over the last few years. More recently the quality is way up there again, better than ever. I hunted down a copy of Custom Blue's 7" (out a few months back) with a very beautifully produced Mark Pritchard track called 'You're On Your Own', actually both sides are just amazing. And then Binario...

Talk about pushing the limits; Rio based Binario seem to take on many ideas from many genre's and work them into their freeform sound - the results are excellent; a dense mix of 'Psychedelia, fuzzy guitar Rock, Electronica, tripped out Space Funk & Jazz', Binario use two drummers to hold all the bits together as they attempt to put their live sound onto wax. Having been around since early 2002, there is no doubt they've honed their ideas into rather masterful tracks. One track simply can not give you a realistic idea of their depth and varying ideas. Their self titled album hit the shelves about ten days ago, plus there is also a tasty limited 7" of their first single 'Jazzhole' out with a hot remix by Kwes - so there is plenty to check out. Also visit their Myspace page and this youtube Video, most importantly here is 'Jazzhole' - blistering Brazillian Space Rock!!

Binario - Jazzhole

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