Monday, October 20, 2008

makeshift #2

A little while ago, u may remember me talking about Toronto based dj & producer Makeshift (check this post if you want reminding). I had promised to put up another of his tracks but of course I have been embarrassingly slow to getting round to doing just that. In the meantime Jeremy has gone and made a fantastic new edit (oh I'm sure it's not the only thing he's done in that time) which you're getting instead of the other track off his last EP.

Makeshift has created a Disco Not Disco/ Techno monster by re-working A Certain Ratio's 'Lucinda', he's also added in a little of their track 'Skipscada' too, hence it's clever name 'Luci Skip'. Drop by Makeshift's Myspace for other tracks and get on this fresh, edgy dancefloor fire from another rising Canadian talent (there's something in the water up there, isn't there?).

Makeshift - Luci Skip

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