Monday, October 06, 2008

two bears

Two new Bear Funk items are hitting the stores very shortly and as always they come highly recommended..

First up, this week, is the much talked about Tobor Experiment Disco Experience 'Disco Moog' EP; Giorgio Sancristoforo's vocoder heavy tracks are obviously informed by his love of the Moog, but also his obsession with Space Disco. The EP is all good; those of you who bought Mr Kotey's 'Rools for Rules' mix CD will already know the big track 'Disco Moog' which sets fire to left field dance floors. Personally I'm very keen on 'Shooting Star' at the minute which sounds like a 'Kelly Watch The Stars' era Air track with a proper punchy Disco not Disco bass line and obsessive spacey details all over the place. Beardy types will probably jump straight to 'Gamma Gamma', Giorgio's homage to Alan Parson's classic beard Disco track 'Mammagamma', which also employs sweetened vocodered vocals and deep euro synthiness to further the original idea. Be warned 'Moog Disco' is kitsch drenched Italo Pop Disco designed for good times.

Tobor Experiment Disco Experience - Shooting Star

Secondly, The Diaphanoids Bear Entertainment album 'Astral Weekends' will be out on the 20th of this month. It features some of their previously released material (from the last two singles) and a whole host of new bubbling spacey stuff. Cosmic/Nu Disco artists are not immune to confronting the difficulties behind making a dance album, be it by attempting to create depth and interest with a couple of down tempo tracks thrown in amongst the singles or by 'exploring' a lofty concept, by doing a few reprises, an intro and and outro which linger on the themes of life. 'Astral Weekends' does neither, instead it holds together really well because every track is intricate, fascinating and beautiful - in fact I'm not sure The Diaphanoids are even a dance band to start out with. The Diaphanoids are a Kraut band, a Space Rock Disco band, a Psychedelic vintage synth band who channel Robert Frip & Faust into soundtracks for lonely planets with crater filled horizons and slo mo grooves for unearthly dance floors. 'Lost In My Room' is my current favorite from the album...

The Diaphanoids - Lost In My Room

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