Friday, November 14, 2008


I recently got a heads up on an artist called Kutiman, do you know this guy? He's been getting some heavy press from Straight No Chaser, Giles Petterson, the guys at Dusty Groove in Chi Town, Diplo and more. The thing is none of that matters 'cos Kutiman is undeniably one of the great new talents to walk the earth. He is 25, from Tel Aviv, he plays most of the instruments on his self named album, he makes a fine hybrid of psychedelic Funk, spacey Afro & West Indies beats, Jazz, & Latin Disco set in timeless modern grooves, it's almost impossible to believe one's ears, and is certainly not easy to describe. The album came out on Melting Pot Music toward the end of '07 and by then the material was already two years old, he says in an interview that he'd 'just returned from a visit to Jamaica and this was me trying to escape to outer space'... The album is Spacey with a capital S, every track trips out further into funk galaxies and far flung groove stations, it's bliss to these ears. I'm quiet certain that space grooves are what drives me and connects a bunch of sounds here on a.n.o.e., Kutiman just takes it to another level and quiet remarkably hadn't heard of Dexter Wansel who he seems to channel with ridiculous ease. He definitely knows a little Fela Kuti and James Brown, but none of this helps you hear the amazing quality and diversity of his sound. If u don't know Kutiman, you need to get his album (Which u can do here plus if you look around u may still find a copy on vinyl or CD), also check out his myspace for further tracks and more info... 'No Reason For You' is probably my favourite track with it's psyched out slo mo groove, so thats the one I'm gonna give you, it's a soaring delight. That said I think 'Chaser' is also an instant classic, very deep, very cosmic, very beautiful and several others follow quickly behind....

Kutiman - No Reason For You (fet. Elran Dekel)

(some more interesting youtube links - check here and here)


Anonymous said...

wow this is great. thanks for sharing :-)

chris keys said...

sure thing - there have been a few big discoveries for me this year, Kutiman is definitely one of them!