Friday, November 14, 2008

if i say stop

I just landed vinyl copies of Georgie Red's 'If I Say Stop, Then Stop' & 'Help The Man' from '84 & '85, they're both Cosmic classics with lots of heavy midtempo 80's Disco goodness going on. Georgie Red is not an individual but rather the combined talents of George Kochbek (of Information fame) and Phill Edwards (of 'Dont Look Any Further' fame). I'm really glad to have both tracks, but for now here's 'If I Say Stop' as it was re-released in 84 with the excellent Sex Mix version. The opening grooves are amazing.

Georgie Red - If I Say Stop, Then Stop (Sex Mix)


mrJiggyballlz said...

(No clichè)-> Thank you Chris for all the good influences, and all the silky-smooth music inspiration you have given me since my discovery of "ANOE"! Keep it disco! Greetings from norway and Mr.Jiggyballs @


chris keys said...

hey dude - i added u - nice blog - wish i could understand it ;)

glad u like the blog

mrJiggyballlz said...

its my favourite man.thanx for the add! Appreciate it:)..

hehehe I understand the language diffucultis/diffeculties/difficulties. Thank God for "clue";)

jerome green said...

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the excellent, hard-hitting track (especially the moans; now why do I like those parts so much?) You always come with the gems.

Peace, Jerome